Substance Abuse Treatment

      •    Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

      •    Crisis Interventions

          Individual, Family and Group therapies utilizing Evidence Based programs

SBIRT / Integrated Care in Otero County Partnering with White Sands Family Practice for:

         Screening Brief Interventions and Referral to Treatment

          •    Substance Use

          •    Depression

          •    Anxiety

          •    PTSD/Trauma

National Strategies Suicide Prevention (NSSP)//Zero Suicide


           •    Depression 

           •    Suicidal Ideation

      Assessment and Treatment

           •     Depression

           •      PTSD

           •      Anxiety

 Trainings available to community members please inquire at the Otero office.  



  H.O.P.E.   Program is a Batterer's Intervention Program approved by CYFD. for both Women and Men.

 Our emphasis is:

      •     Healing the wounds of all violence

      •     Obtaining new skills for change

      •      Planning for a brighter future

      •      Empowerment of offenders to Respect themselves and others               

 The  H.O.P.E. program consist of 52 sessions with the emphasis of offenders learning the skills  

                necessary to prevent themselves from any reoffending against their intimate partners and/or others.


Mental Health and Psychiatric Services

    Psychiatric evaluations

•    Medication management

•    Treatment for most Mental Health Illnesses for Adults 18 years and older. 

Domestic Violence Counseling

     Comprehensive clinical assessment

      •    26 week group therapy sessions and 26 individual therapy sessions

      •    12 Anger management group sessions (if applicable)

      •    12 Parenting group sessions (if applicable)